Review on Automatic Rationing for Public Distribution System (PDS) using RFID, GSM & Fingerprint Module

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Ration card is very important for every home and is used to get information about the family members, to get gas connection, etc. Also it acts as an address proof for various purposes. The poor people having a ration card to buy the various materials like sugar, rice, oil, kerosene, etc. from the ration/ PDS/ fair price shops. But the existing ration distribution system having two draw backs, first is weight of the material may be inaccurate due to human interference and second is, if the materials not buy at the end of the month, they will sale to others without any intimation to the government and customers leading to unavailability to the customers. Here we have proposed an Automatic Rationing for Public Distribution System using GSM (Global System for Mobile), RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and Fingerprint Module instead of ration cards. To get the materials in ration shops user needs to authorize his/her identity by scanning a finger & then show the RFID tag to the RFID reader. Then controller verifies the customer database for details. After verification, these systems show the amount details. Then customer need to enter the amount of required material/s using a keyboard. After receiving material/s controller will send the information to government office and customer through GSM technology about the transaction. This system provides the materials automatically without help of humans.
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