Review Paper on Wideband Dielectric Resonator Antenna

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DRA is an antenna that makes use of a radiating mode of a dielectric resonator. It consist of dielectric materials in its radiating patch also called as dielectric resonators (DRs) on one side of the substrate and has a ground plane (metal) on the other side. In the extreme demand of wireless communication technology it is the efficient radiators to achieve successful and affordable communication. DRA offers attractive features as antenna elements. These features include their mechanical simplicity, small size, high radiation efficiency due to no inherent conductor loss, relatively large bandwidth, versatility in the shape and simple coupling schemes to nearly all commonly used transmission line. This paper represents a study of a a simple monopole antenna loaded with a cylindrical shape dielectric resonator as a wideband transmitting/receiving antenna for wireless applications and we also discuss the basics of Dielectric Resonator Antenna, various feeding techniques, design model and applications.
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