Review of Round Trip Delay and Path Protocols for Sensor Node Failure Detection in WSN

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Now a days the importance Wireless Sensor Networks has been tremendously increasing because they can be remotely accessed without any human intervention. They are being used in various fields like environmental monitoring, military, agriculture and medical. The fact that WSN has a large no. of nodes to get the reliable information, makes the WSNs prone to a failure. The WSN must be secure, reliable and robust. In order to achieve a good Quality of Service (QOS), it has to have a large no. of sensors in the network. But since a use of large no. of sensors might lead to the failure of WSN as some of the sensor nodes might stop working. This reduces the overall QOS of the system. Therefore to keep a good QOS, we should be able to detect those faulty nodes and replace those as soon as possible. In this paper we put forth the causes of sensor nodes failure, types of failures and a review of Round Trip Delay and Path protocols.
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