Smart Paroxysm Prediction And Life Saver System

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The aim of this project is to design the system for the epilepsy patients using RF communication. The wireless electronic diagnosing system designed here is exclusively meant for epilepsy patients. The system helps them in accurately predicting the occurrence of seizures.Epilepsy is a very fatal condition which is caused as a result of imbalance in the nervous system. The very common symptoms of epilepsy includes sudden fluctuations in Heart Beat rate and involuntary muscular movements (seizures). The aura (practical symptom) of epilepsy includes fluctuations in heartbeat, nausea, dizziness etc. Sudden occurrence of seizures during driving may lead to accidents and its occurrence during sleeping hours can even lead to the patient's death, if no immediate, proper attention is provided by a bystander or a doctor. With the aid of this system, the patient can lead a normal life. The electronic system presented here is a wearable device which predicts the occurrence of epilepsy in a few minutes advance. The device utilizes the signals from human body to detect the occurrence of epilepsy. As soon as the device detects the symptoms, it transmits a coded signal. The signal is decoded by a wireless receiver to produce control signals for switching an alarm device, mobile messaging device and an automatic vehicle control system.

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