SMS based automatic two wheeler locking system

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Vehicle security system has been a topic of great interest over the years due to the increasing vehicle theft cases reported all over the world. Most of the advanced vehicle security systems best suit the four wheelers. As of the security system for two wheelers is concerned, the systems available in market are of no match to the well equipped thieves. When under attack, these systems can only immobilize the engine and sound a loud alarm. It is a serious limitation. In this paper we propose a reliable and robust design of Two Wheeler Vehicle Security System (TWVSS) with features enhancing the security of the vehicle and ensuring the safety of the rider. In our proposed security system various new features are included in addition to the engine immobilizer and alarm. Few of the important features supported by our system are alerting owner by SMS about the theft attempt, allowing user to control the system remotely by SMS, tracking the location of vehicle using GPS technology, Remote Keyless System, servo motor operated locking system (handle lock, fuel lock and rear wheel lock) and side stand indicator. Redundancy is maintained to make the system reliable even in the worst case scenario, but due to cost constraints a tradeoff between cost and redundancy was necessary. Our system is designed to be compatible with almost all the brands of vehicle.

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