SMS Transmitting Using RF Module

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In SMS Transmitting Using RF Module system the wireless communication link is made possible between the two controllers with the help of RF. RF is ideal for effective and short distance wireless communication. Frequently there is lot of requirement to transfer the data between any two devices, here the two devices may be controllers, or one may be controller and other may be some peripheral .The main aim of this project is to transfer data effectively between two microcontrollers using one RF transmitter and one RF receiver. The two micro controller units have their own setup. In Transmitter side AT keyboard, display unit and RF transmitter and Receiver side RF receiver and Display Unit. Here the RF transceiver is a combination of RF transmitter and RF receiver, display unit. both transmitter and receiver operate in synchronous mode that means, when one unit sends the data the other unit will be in ready mode to receive the transferred data between the two controllers.With the help of this system we can transfer data effectively from one point to another.
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