Stepper Motor Control based on PC Commands

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In this project the microcontroller which forms the heart of the project, plays an important role in establishing communication between the pc and the microcontroller. In this system a unipolar stepper motor is used (which is used widely in all kinds of floppy drives and CD drives) the use of single microcontroller to control the speed, direction and rotation angle of a stepper motor by sending pulse sequences to the motor winding in response to the control commands. Commands executed by the code in this application include: single step the motor rotates in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction (i. e. rotate the rotor through a certain number of degrees) when the corresponding key is pressed from the computer keyboard. This is a general purpose application for which a degree of adjustment or programmability is required to meet the needs of specific processes and their performances. This project consists of a stepper motor and a driver IC ULN 2003 that will drive the motor, However the Microcontroller lacks sufficient current to drive the stepper motor windings, so driver ULN2003 (U3) is used to energize the stator, based on the instructions typed by the user in the pc the stepper motor will rotate. In the pc we will type a command and based on the command the stepper motor will work.
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