A Structural Analysis of Rear Axle Housing of Tractor Using Finite Element Method

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The main goal of this thesis is the rear axle casing can withstand the maximum impact load on the rear axle while the tractor in moving. The main problem in the existing rear axle casing is the more stress and displacement is induced in the casing, due to that frequent failure occurs in the casing. For this changing of the rear axle casing material and fed in to the structural analysis. Stress and Displacement value can be plotted and the result can be compared with the existing model stress and displacement. The Analysis of the rear axle housing of tractor using ductile iron material with special grade ‚“Sg500/7‚for already existing model is done by using ‚“ANSYS 12.1. The modeling of Rear Axle Housing of Tractor is done by ‚“PRO/E‚ in order to rectify the casting defects. Then the Stress, Strain, Deformation are Evaluated and tabulated. The result compared with existing model. From this analysis report, it clear that the changing of Rear Axle Housing of Tractor is found to be in safer mode.
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