Student data logging system into college website based on RFID

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The main aim of this project is to acknowledge the parents/guardian of a student about his entrance and exit of the college directly into the college website using GPRS technology. This is used for ensuring the parents/guardian about student’s college specific information by which the security concern on a particular student can be monitored and controlled. The procedure involved in this is, at the entrance of the college or class room the RFID reader reads the student RFID tag number and then sends the information directly to the college website using GPRS technology. Parents/guardian can get the details of their ward like at which time enter/exit to the college directly in the college website using GPRS technology. This project makes use of an onboard computer, which is commonly termed as micro controller. It acts as heart of the project. This onboard computer can efficiently communicate with the output and input modules which are being used. The controller is provided with some internal memory to hold the code. This memory is used to dump some set of assembly instructions into the controller. And the functioning of the controller is dependent on these assembly instructions. Micro controller gets the data of the student like enter/exit from RFID reader and sends the same to the college website using GPRS technology. So Parents/guardian/college authorities can get the student present/absent information details directly in the college website.
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