Text Extraction From Captured Image With Voice Announcement System For Visually Impaired Using Android

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In this paper, an android based demo system is developed to show effectiveness of our proposed system. We present an approach to detect text from image and recognize audio. Using this we will improve the quality of life for visually impaired persons and give them the proper care at the right time is one the most important roles that are to be performed by us being a responsible member of the society. We propose a technique to identify products which is hand handled object can be known through audio announcement system. For this, we will extract and recognize the text information associated with the detected objects. We first extract text regions of interested (ROI), then text character layout analysis of text strings are applied to filter for subtraction of background. Optical character recognition (OCR) perform task of binarization that separate the text and information transfer to audio output. That is transfer through wireless module to android mobile, which contain android app through that app it will give audio as output. The label of object can be displayed as speech for blind person through hands free.
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