Three Way Failure Analyzer Reset On Temporary Fault else Permanent trip

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This system allows for automatic reset of output after an interruption in case of a temporary fault and is designed to remain in tripped condition if a permanent fault occurs.The electrical substations that are used to provide power to commercial / domestic facilities may at times encounter permanent of temporary failures. Such failures may prove quite damaging for industries and domestic electricity consumers. Such power supply faults are common in developing countries like India. Such faults may be classified as Line to Line (L2L), Line to ground (L2G), Three line (3L) and if we consider these three, in three phase supplying systems they may prove quite harmful. In order to detect these situations in advance and avoid any harm to consumers we propose a unique tripping mechanism design.Here three single phase transformers are used that are connected in a star input/star output fashion. Here three transformers are wired in a delta form connection, each one provided a 220V and giving out a 12V output. Well we use the concept of testing of low voltage is done since it is not advisable on main lines. Here we use 555 timer IC’s in order to manage long duration as well as short duration fault conditions. We here use a switch set in order to simulate 3L, L2L and L2G fault conditions. These conditions are made in order to trigger tripping mechanisms. In case of short faults the power returns to load after some duration while cuts of permanently in case of long duration faults

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