Touch Screen Based Advanced Menu Ordering System for Restaurants using Raspberry PI

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A new design scheme of the Touch screen based Menu ordering system applied to middle and small hotel is proposed. The development of the -Menu ordering is based on the software-hardware platform on ARM11 (Raspberry pi Board), using ZigBee short-range radio communication technologies. It has advantages of high performance-cost ratio, low power, high reliability and friendly user interface. This paper introduces two sections one is hand held device section and other is main section. Both sections consist of Zigbee transceivers. From the first section menu should taken and saved in memory in that section. This information is forwarded to the main section via Zigbee wireless communication. Main section will receive the information from the first section and displays that data on screen. According to that order which is in display, service is provided. Here 3.2 inch Touch screen LCD is used to select the menu and transmit the data, a PC is used to receive and display data and record for billing.
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