Unique Office Communication System using RF

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This project is a PC based communication tool in office for data(text) transmission to a individual or multiple users using radio frequency technology. In most of the offices, if an employer has to convey a message to a particular employee or a group of employees, he has to call them personally or send the message through a middleman. But there is a possibility of message to be misinterpreted and there is wastage of time. In this proposed system, employer in an office will have a transmission module while the employees will have one receiver module each. If the employer wants to convey any message to employees or any particular employee, he can send it through the transmitting module which is connected to the PC. Receiver section consists of a module which receives the data and feeds to the microcontroller that displays the message on an LCD. A buzzer is also interfaced to the microcontroller on the receiver side, which gives intimation that data is received. Adapting this technique one can eliminate the need of a third person for communication, so that the exact message is delivered to the desired person. This project in future can be enhanced, by adding a feature of two way communication between the employer and the employee(s).
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