Unwanted Polythene Bags And Pet Bottles Collecting Robot

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this project we will control robot with infrared sensor remote. Wewill control different functions of moving robot. As we know the valueof robotics it can be used in biomedical industry, domestic, food,leather, autoparts etc. In this project we will make remote which willhave functions to control robot like forward, backward, right and left.There will be six functions. We will use 89c051 microcontroller for thisfunction. We will give 9v supply to remote with 9v dc battery availablein the market. We will use 7805 voltage regulator for 5v dc supply.For input to microcontroller there will be microswitches. There will becomplementary push pull power amplifier after Microcontroller output.For that we will use 548 npn transistors 558 pnp. It will amplify dataso that it will not destroy in the way. After that it will be amplify andled will convert that signal into phpt signal . On receiver endphototransistor will amplify that signal and will give it tomicrocontroller. Microcontroller will give signal to optocoupler. Hereoptocoupler will work as a isolator after that h bridge will amplify thatsignal and will give signal according to rxed signal Automation requires precisely rotating motor which accelerates / deceleratesvery fast & stops at precise predetermined position without any error, andalso has holding torque so that the motor-shaft position is maintained. AUTO CONTROLS make stepper motor controllers are based on H-bridgeconfiguration with facility of having constant current supplied to the motor.Stepper motor controllers are MOSFET based and utilize high voltage D.C.Supply at constant current mode. Hence, the stepper motor can run at higher speed up to 1000 rpm and above. Stepper motor controllers can achieve the acceleration of 100 m/Sec 2 . to zero speed to stop the motor from runningspeed, with rated torque. The time of Acc & Dec. will vary as per the loadand GD 2 of the load to overcome inertia force.the smallest step available is 0.9 o . Hence stepper motor follows the step of 0.9 o per step, It can be used in open loop system. Hence, the controllers become simpler
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