Vacuum Braking System

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Vacuum brakes are first used in place of the air brake in railway locomotives. This braking system uses a vacuum pump for creating vacuum in the brake pipe. The integral
construction of the brake cylinder uses this vacuum reservoir for the application of brakes.Nowadays most of the light vehicles are fitted with vacuum-assisted hydraulic braking system where vacuum is created from the engine which reduces the driver effort on foot pedal.
The vacuum braking system was modified from above said reasons and the same was tested for implementation in both light and heavy vehicles. In this work, vacuum is created
and used for the application of brakes. The system operation is somehow similar to air braking system. The main difference with air brake system is that vacuum is used instead of compressed air. The design and modified system also includes the Vacuum brake system i.e., the
loss of vacuum will cause the brake to be applied due to spring force.

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