Vehicle Accident Intimation And Location Finder Using GSM And GPS

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Recently technological and population development, the usage of vehicles are rapidly increasing and at the same time the occurrence accident is also increased. Hence, the value of human life is ignored. No one can prevent the accident, but can save their life by expediting the ambulance to the hospital in time. A new vivid scheme called Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) is introduced. The objective of this scheme is to minimize the delay caused by traffic congestion and to provide the smooth flow of emergency vehicles. The concept of this scheme is to green the traffic signal in the path of ambulance automatically with the help of RF module. So that the ambulance can reach the spot in time and human life can be saved and the accident location is identified sends the accident location immediately to the main server. The main server finds the nearest ambulance to the accident zone and sends the exact accident location to the emergency vehicle. The control unit monitors the ambulance and provides the shortest path to the ambulance at the same time it controls the traffic light according to the ambulance location and thus arriving at the hospital safely. This scheme is fully automated, thus it locates the accident spot accurately, controls the traffic lights, provide the shortest path to reach the location and to the hospital in time.
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