Vibration Analysis of Cylinder Liner of a Vertical Type Diesel Engine Using ANSYS

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Internal combustion engines are used in automobile industries, agricultural field and in power sector. Diesel engines are having better performance as compared with petrol engines due to their fuel economy. But diesel engines produce higher Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) levels. In this work, vibration amplitudes in a cylinder liner of a diesel engine due to combustion pressure were analyzed. Modeling and simulation were carried out using the finite element software ANSYS APDL. Various compositions of grey cast iron material are being tested in the software. The results of the harmonic analysis are presented on the displacement versus frequency curve. The output results were under satisfactory level to predict the vibration behavior under different pressures. Finally, an attempt was made to reduce the vibration levels in the cylinder liner by varying the thickness of the liner.
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