Water scheduling for municipalities using RTC

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The main aim of the project is to provide the water supply to different localities in a city at different scheduled timings. The system uses the microcontroller as the most crucial device that manages the time schedule and runs the application at regular programmed timings without the human involvement. This project provides different on and off timings to provide the water supply to different localities. The system starts the water supply to a particular locality only at preprogrammed timings. As the DS1307 Real Time Clock chip with battery back-up is used, there will be no disturbances for the programmed on/off timings even in power failures. DS1307 is interfaced to the microcontroller for real timing performance. A 3V battery can be connected to DS1307 to avoid time disturbances caused by power failures. The user may even change the preprogrammed timings and set his timings according to his requirements. Thus, at the preprogrammed timings, the person operates the valve to start the water supply from the control room. An audio indication is provided to alert the operator to perform accordingly. LCD is used to display the timings and also display the name of the current locality to which the water supply is provided.
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