Web Based Substation Monitoring

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This paper presents a new sub-station monitoring system which utilizes the web. Now a days in substation, there is at least one operator for measuring parameter like voltage, current, temperature & humidity etc. belonging to transformer and other equipments. This can affect the transformer and parallax error too. So by using this project (WEB BASED SUB-STATION MONITORING,CONTROL AND PROTECTION) it can minimize above error and improve the stability, efficiency etc. In this project, sensors are used to sense the parameters of transformer such as (VOLTAGE, CURRENT, HUMIDITY, TEMPERATURE etc.) this sensed data is sent to the MICROCONTROLLER. And this controller compares all required parameters and differences which will transfer to LCD, DRIVER and RS-232. This further connects with the PC or LAPTOP. This collected data will further send to the server which is located at any part of world through internet communication. Delivery of these reports via the internet makes sure that the right information is in the hand of the people who can use it to best. This helps the organization make more informed decisions in all departments.
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