ZigBee Based Energy Efficient Outdoor Lighting Control System

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Conventional lighting systems work on bi-level approach, either on or off. When on, operates on rated power and there is no control to adjust power consumption by any means. Lighting control systems are introduced to reduce energy consumption inherent to conventional lighting systems. In this paper energy efficient outdoor lighting system is designed to avoid damage of street lights due to over-heat and avoiding wastage of energy in unwanted areas. Here the monitoring and control is done in wireless network.In this system the efficient out-door lighting control system is designed depends upon the presence of humans, temperature of the bulb the street light is controlled to maintain energy consumption. And power used by the bulbs is also identified using current sensor. The power values, temperature status,person’s presence data’s are transmitted to the monitoring section wireless mode. Depend upon the received status the controller will send commands for operation of light in different modes namely: ON, MIN, MED and OFF.

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