Zigbee based Home Automation Wireless Sensor Network

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Increased demands on implementation of wireless sensor networks in automation praxis result in relatively new wireless standard – ZigBee. The new workplace was established on the Department of Electronics and Multimedia Communications (DEMC) in order to keep up with ZigBee modern trend. This paper presents the first results and experiences associated with ZigBee based wireless sensor networking. The accent was put on suitable chipset platform selection for Home Automation wireless network purposes. Four popular microcontrollers was selected to investigate memory requirements and power consumption such as ARM, x51, HCS08, and Coldfire. Next objective was to test inter-operability between various manufacturers’ platforms, what is important feature of ZigBee standard. A simple network based on ZigBee physical layer as well as ZigBee compliant network were made to confirm the basic ZigBee interoperability .

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